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Daniel Shumway


Github/Gitlab: /danshumway

LinkedIn: /in/danielshumway


Looking to develop practical technologies that respect and foster user agency.


Rochester Institute of Technology
B.S. in Game Design and Development
December, 2014
GPA: 3.8



Fluent in Javascript (ES8+), HTML 5+, CSS.
Proficient with C#, Templating (Sass/Less, Handlebars).
Familiar with PHP, WASM (text format)

Technologies and Tools

Fluent with Linux, Git, NodeJS.
Proficient with Vim/Emacs, Docker, Unity3D, Photoshop, Jira, VueJS, ReactJS, D3.js.

Industry Practices

Fluent with Test driven development, Agile, Functional and Object-Oriented programming.
Proficient with Continuous deployment, Accessibility.

Work Experience

Software Engineer at Oracle CEGBU

March 2015—​March 2018

Developed and maintained cross-cutting features for Prime, a construction management tool, using HTML5/Javascript. Responsibilities included planning/prototyping features, interfacing with BAs/product owners, researching new technologies, supporting and advising other teams, and restoring and maintaining older pages and features.

Contractor at JCC of Metropolitan Detroit

May 2014—​August 2014

Led a team of three to design, build, and launch a Build-Your-Own-Superhero display and an augmented reality phone app for a Jewish Museum, using HTML5/Javascript.

Mobile Training App Designer at Xerox

March 2013—​June 2013

Worked as the sole developer/designer alongside a team of product owners and stakeholders to design and prototype a mobile game to aid with internal sales training, using HTML5, Javascript, XML, and SQL.


Reset Hard

Time traveling arena shooter, 2018, Javascript

Independently developing an arena shooter/puzzle game with multiplayer asynchronous time-travel. Handling design, art/animation, writing, engine development, programming, and marketing/community management.

Site: reset-hard.com Gameplay: youtu.be/gk4r7PbvNBw


Headless Gameboy emulator, 2018, Javascript

Independently developing a headless, dependency free Gameboy emulator designed to be run on single-core servers. The emulator is highly scriptable to facilitate creating interesting experiments.

Source: gitlab.com/piglet-plays/serverboy.js


Testing Framework, 2017, Javascript

Independently developing and marketing a Javascript testing framework built for flexibility and optimized for asynchronous testing.

Site: distilledjs.com Source: gitlab.com/distilled/distilled


Documentation Generator, 2017, Javascript

Independently developing a Javascript documentation generator, built to be unopinionated and adaptable to a wide variety of coding styles and projects. Currently in early stages of development.

Source: gitlab.com/dormouse/dormouse

Eyes Open

Horror/Stealth Game, 2013, Monogame, C#

Managed and led a team of three to develop and kickstart a randomly generated horror game in which players were forced to close their eyes and navigate levels blindly. Raised over 5,000 dollars of an 8,000 dollar goal.

Kickstarter: kck.st/14NUFl4